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    I would like to add some widget area at the end of page/post content

    Do you have an idea ?

    Thanks for your support



    Go to Flashlight / Theme Options > Sidebar and look for Add new widget areas for pages and categories. :)




    Thanks, but i want to put some widget at the end of the page (after the body or in the footer)


    Hello Ebouille,

    Try the following thing:

    In your functions .php add the follow line: register_sidebar(array('name'=>'YOUR CUSTOM NAME',));

    Then open your footer.php or where ever you want a custom made widget area and add this line:

    <?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar('YOUR CUSTOM NAME') ) : ?><?php endif; ?>

    If you go to your widgets you will see on the right a new tab with your added custom name. Drag and drop your widget to it. For more control you can add a div arround the code in you footer area.



    Hello Martin,

    Thanks for helping out.




    Nice, Thanks jorisvh.

    I tried this solution but I don’t know how to have it just after the fullscreen background ?

    The idea is to put a menu here, at the bottom of the screen


    What doe you mean with After the fullscreen background? If you don’t see anything it is probably the Z-index. You have to style your new div or widget in your CSS and add a large Z-index to show it in front of the fullscreen slider.



    Hi ebouille,

    A fullscreen background is just that full screen – there is no ending point. If you scroll down the photo will simply expand. So if I understand what you’re trying to accomplish, the widget/menu area has to set on top of the full screen background not below (after) it.

    In order to do that you would need to add z-index to your div’s CSS like Martjin talked about. If you can post a link to your website then may be able to give you specifics.

    Thanks for helping Martijn!



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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