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    Is it possible to make a widget area in the header for a 468 banner. I use an advertising service and would like to add this in to a widget area in the header




    I can only give you a hint – this tutorial tells you how to add widget areas: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-your-wordpress-theme

    2) You can add the code from step 1 to header.php after the logo code. Probably some css styling, etc. is necessary.


    Looks great, ill have a look

    Many thanks – great support


    Got that woking as well – awsome support




    Glad that I could help you :)


    I followed along as I to would like an extra widget area to the right of my logo. I’ve added all the code and the sidebar works but I can’t get it to display how I want. 1. It pushed my second menu down which I don’t want. 2. When I put text in the widget area, it spans the entire header – I just want it to be over on the right about 300px wide. 3. there is a bullet point above the widget text.. You can see it here:

    The css i added was:

    .widget_post {





    Any help would be appreciated.





    you added a widget to your header .. and the sidebar works? Could you elaborate your second sentence please? Also your link links to a login panel to which I don’t have access. As you describe it it’s just about adding the right CSS.


    Sorry the site should be visible now:

    I added a widget area to the header which works – i can add widgets and they appear in the header. The problem is no matter what CSS is try the widget area doesn’t display right – currently it spans the entire header, pushes my menu down and adds a bullet point next to any text.

    I’d like it to be about 300pixels wide and just sit on the right hand side of the header without any bullet points. It’s wired whatever CSS is try seems to have little or no effect? Any suggestions would be great?

    The CSS i’ve added is:

    .widget_post {







    OK – i got it nearly working. The widget is in the right place and doesn’t mess up the layout of the menu but now the title of the widget isn’t readable because it’s black and the background of the header is also black. I’ve managed to change the normal text to white but not the widget title. You can see here:

    There is a widget title ‘News Flash’ That isn’t readable. How can i make the title of the widget white?

    The CSS i have so far is:

    .newsflash {

    list-style-type: none;




    position: absolute;

    right: 30px;





    it seems you’ve already fixed everything you were having trouble with. Is there anything else you’d like to do?


    I managed to figure it out so al is ok now. Thanks!


    Glad it works :)

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