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    hope you can help us out. Case:

    – homepage (showing the page “Homepage”, is not / does not contain a sub-page) shows the blog with sidebar

    – page “Nieuws” (dutch), sub-page of “vereniging” (slug) and set as the page containing the blog at the theme settings, shows the same blog with the same sidebar

    I’ve installed Widget Logic as your forum states that it’s fully supported.

    I’ve got four widgets in the blog sidebar:

    – category: widget logic condition is set to “is_page(‘Nieuws’)”

    – archive: widget logic condition is set to “is_page(‘Nieuws’)”

    – latest comments: widget logic condition is set to “is_front_page()”

    – twitter: widget logic condition is set to “is_front_page()”

    There is no caching meganism/engine installed.

    Needed behaviour:

    Now, i want different widgets for the blog overview on the homepage (Latest comments and Twitter) as for the “Nieuws” -page (Category and Archive).

    Actual behaviour:

    For the hompeage and the page “Nieuws” the Latest comments and Twitter widgets shows up. the Category and Archive widget doesn’t show up at the “Nieuws” -page.

    Any idea how to fix this, the sidebar seems not to react on any settings used with Widget Logic?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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