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    I bought this plugin yesterday, installed & activated it and set it up in “Abundance”, in the Woo Settings/catalog (“Enable for entire catalog” – yes). I gather that the “catalog” are the products I’ve set up via WooCommerce?

    However the product slider is not working on the “shop” page – see here:


    Please advise – thanks.


    Hi sumason,

    From the looks of the site though, the plugin may actually be adding a gallery setting to the single product page and not the shop overview page that you linked.

    It would be a little redundant to use it as the theme already has a built in slider for the single product page in addition to the hover-zoom feature.

    See the extension demo: http://demo2.woothemes.com/buro-commerce/shop/pro-evolution-soccer-6/

    and the Abundance demo: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/abundance/shop/jewelry-set-butterfly/

    They aren’t quite the same but very similar. You would need to change the theme to not use its custom single product features in order to use the extension as it is intended.




    Thank you for these details, Devin. Unfortunately I’ve already bought this plugin.

    However, on neither of the 2 demo pages you’ve given the links to the slider seems to work/to move? The thumbs are all static, on the Woo demo and the Abundance demo page. I tested both pages on IE, too, because I thought maybe Firefox switched off some javascript – but same result on IE.

    Can you fathom why they don’t “slide”?


    Hi sumason,

    I apologize if I gave the wrong impression. No, they don’t actually automatically change to the different product photos. The built effects are either thumbnails that can pop up in a lightbox or images that can be moused over to “zoom in” on the image.




    Oh, that was a misunderstanding from my part. On the Woo extensions page from where I bought this plugin it says, “slider working with jquery…” I thought that means some sliding movement? Very confusing. Thanks anyway.


    Sorry its not quite what you were looking for. I’ll mention the idea to Kriesi of adding in another style for the product photos if he looks at updating the Abundance theme with additional features.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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