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    just installed propulsion, seems a really great template. congrats

    but i m having problems with woo plugin. when activated, the system displays multiple errors (more than 300) and in particular the line 80 in woocommerce.php seems to be a cause of concern. I have all the requirements needed, deactivated every plugins previously installed.

    Having woocommerce bundled with a theme was had a big impact on my decision to purchase propulsion so I really hope you’re gonna be able to help me.




    Hi, can you post the error messages or give us some details please?

    Best regards,



    Of course !

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/home/www/29e9885143a3477af0db4b00fcb7d5f7/tmp/sess_f798dcff08907fc9ba2eb6f8ff18ccb6, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/www/29e9885143a3477af0db4b00fcb7d5f7/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce.php on line 83



    Have you checked if the permission set to the plugins folder and the woocommerce(plugin) folder is set to (755)? this might be a permission issue since the error appears with a ‘Permission denied’.





    I just did it (wp-content, plugins

    woocommerce + woocommerce-php ) and when woocommerce activated, the systemd still displays “Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/home/www/29e9885143a3477af0db4b00fcb7d5f7/tmp/sess_53737a1f292073c344e85a2de97cb7fd, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in /home/www/29e9885143a3477af0db4b00fcb7d5f7/web/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce.php on line 83

    + on extensions panel inside wp-admin, it says “the extension generated more than 361 unexepected errors etc.. (displayed in french)



    Try using WP default theme(twentyeleven) and activate woocommerce. Just to check if this is a theme issue.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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