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    I am trying to display a page with woocommerce products on sale.

    I am using the shortcode : [sale_products per_page=”12″] as described on woocommerce documentation :

    The page displays the products but with wrong formating. Seems it uses wrong template when rendering the page. I would like to render the page with the correct template as it used on products page.

    I cannot provide any link because my webstore is live and i have disable the page.

    You can test it if you create a page with the shortcode : [sale_products per_page=”12″] and check the resulted page.

    Kind regards




    It is showing properly on my end. Please update to WordPress 3.6 and download Enfold 2.0.1.




    Hi Ismael,

    I have updates to 3.6 (it was 3.5.2) and i have enfold 2.0.1

    But issue not fixed.

    You can see here :

    I guess its because of Greek characters.




    Hi Ismael,

    Forget my previous message. Anyway we decide not to display all products on sales.

    I need some help on other thing please if possible. I would like to change the sales icon and position.

    Here on forum i found a custom css code which changes “sales” position

    #top .onsale { top: -320px; }

    and it works fine.

    How can i apply a background image on the sales badge ?

    I tried with #top .onsale { top: -320px; background:url(‘filename.png’) }

    But the background image is not displaying corectly, is cropped.

    Assume that i want to use this image :

    which is 128x128px





    You can use this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    #top .main_color .onsale {
    background: url('') no-repeat center;
    width: 128px;
    height: 128px;
    text-indent: -9999px;
    top: -30px;



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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