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    Hi, I made my project with ENFOLD using the woocommerce plugin. I create my own product catalogue display page (the landing shop page) using Enfold pages because I wanted to change the image sizes and with a fullwith layer slyder WP on the top. I have two problems: 1. if I set this own page in woocommmerce (woocommerce settings – product options – Product and shop page) as my catalogue display page, the fullwith layer slyder dont work. 2. Secondly when I’m at my chart page and its empty there is a button to return to the shop but doesn’t work. Once clicked reloads the same page. I think because I didnt define my product and shop page in woocommerce settings. Thank you for your help


    Hey nicomad!

    1) The default shop page does not support a fullwidth LayerSlider element. The reason is that the shop template and the advanced layout builder template are not compatible with each other.

    2) You must set a default shop page otherwise WooCommerce will not work properly. Please work around the issue by using a standard slideshow (not fullwidth) or you can try to use a redirection plugin like: http://wordpress.org/plugins/redirection/ to redirect the user to your custom shop page if he tries to view the standard woocommerce shop page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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