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    The ‘shop’ page in WooCommerce (listing all the products) gives me a fatal error in the Propulsion theme and I can’t figure out how to fix it:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function is_visible() on a non-object in [...] public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/loop-shop.php on line 24

    I have read many forum posts here, and on the WooThemes site (and a few other places) that indicate that this problem has happened to others. However, none of the fixes they suggest work for me, as far as I can tell. Perhaps I am incorrectly applying the fixes, but I don’t think so. I have tried:

    • Re-saving my Permalinks. I go to settings > permalinks and change the permalink for ‘Page permalink’ to something else, save the change, then return it to my original (saving it again).
    • Disabling WooCommerce, logging out, then re-enabling it.
    • Deleting WooCommerce completely, then re-installing it and enabling it.
    • Adding a product (some people said they only get this error with no products). I tried this, but also already had all the imported ‘sample’ products that come from ‘Import Dummy Content’ so I never actually had no products anyway.

    None of these fixes work for me. There is only one way I can make the Shop page work, and that is if I set my ‘Page permalink’ just to:


    This is not a viable solution for me though, because I am re-creating a legacy site that has been around for 10 years with 50+ pages that all end in ‘.html’ some of which have decent traffic. So unless there is some other option (don’t want redirects for all the pages) I think I need to set the permalinks to:


    For reference I am also using the ‘Permalink Editor’ plugin.

    My question is, what can I do to fix this? Or do I have to abandon WooCommerce since it appears (to me so far) to be bugged when being set up for a legacy site that needs ‘.html’ pagename extensions? Some people write about making direct changes to the php code in the ‘loop-shop.php’ file and I suppose I could try to figure out what change is needed and attempt this, but I hesitate to start down that road.


    This is not directly a theme problem, its more of a WooCommerce / permalink problem. However I am unable to read replies (beyond the first post in each thread) in the WooThemes forums without registering for $70 year it appears. I even did the demo download and registered that way, but that type of account does not give full access from what I can see. Only purchasers of WooCommerce or Woo themes seem to get this (ie., in this case)?

    Anyway, posting here in the hopes someone knows a fix to this issue.


    Hey amazeingart,

    I’m not quite sure about the issue itself but I’m pretty sure if you purchase any of the woo commerce extensions you get full support access as well.

    Also, try downloading one of the free WooCommerce themes to make sure that it isn’t an issue with the theme and your settings.




    Thanks for the reply Devin. Eh…the way I solved it was actually to uninstall Permalink Editor, which I was using to globally set rules for all pages to include the ‘.html’ at the end of all page permalinks. It was the thing causing problems with the Shop page in Woocommerce, or some interaction between the two plugins. Instead I’m just using the simpler ‘Custom Permalinks’ plugin, so I set all the old ‘legacy’ pages that must retain their old ‘.html’ permalinks individually. There’s only 50 or so. After that I’m going to let new pages simply have permalinks with no ‘.html’. Not particularly elegant solution but easier and quicker than anything else!

    Changing the flag to resolved. TY again.



    Glad this is fixed.



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