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    Hi, I’m working on an e-commerce site for a client so I’ve installed the WooCommerce plugin. I’ve added widgets to the “Single Product Pages” sidebar and selected “Single Product Pages” from the Sidebar Setting drop down on the Products post type but it the side bar does not show up. When I select another sidebar layout the default sidebar shows up below and on the left hand side. I am unable to fine the single product page template in the site files to see if this is something I can change on my own.
    The website is to view it the password is dev. An example of the single portfolio page is

    Here is a screenshot of the product page Product Page Image and here is one of the widget sidebar settings widget sidebar setting screenshot
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Jen

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    Hi jcjones08!

    I’m not sure what the root of it is but somehow the sidebar is getting the hidden class added to it. I would first suggest re-downloading the theme from your account on themeforest and then uploading a fresh copy for your parent theme. Switch over to just the parent and make sure the sidebar is showing under the product images like it should and then switch back to the child theme.

    If at that point it gets hidden again then try removing all of your customizations and then re-add them in one by one.

    The theme doesn’t use template files for the woocommerce pages as it doesn’t really modify them except for some additional styling. So everything is done with filters and action hooks in the config-woocommerce>config.php file.



    Hi Devin,
    Thank you for the quick response. I have gotten the side bar widgets to show up, but they are still only showing up on the left side within the single-product-main-image div underneath the product gallery. Is this where it should be or is something else going on. I would like it to show up on the right side if possible. Is this something that can be done within the css or the WooCommerce config.php.

    Thanks again for your help,



    The single product template does not support a right sidebar at the moment. Some major code rewrites would be required. Please post a request here:

    Best regards,

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