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    Hi there,

    It seems that compatibility between the last wordpress version and woocommerce & abundance is not proved yet (from hat I see regarding my extensions)

    Have you heard about any bug or do you think i can press “on” to install the last wordpress version?

    many thanks in advance,



    Hi sophie,

    I do not know of any issues as of now. There were a few that appeared when 3.4 was released but there has been an update for Abundance since then to fix them. So make sure to download the newest release from Themeforest to get the most up to date bug fixes.




    Hi Devin,

    thanks for your answer, my update is for tomorow so I’ll check this out.




    @ Devin,

    WordPress 3.4 was released on June 13 and the latest Abundance version on Themeforest is still version 1.3.2 which was released on may 11? Could you point me to the update you’re talking about? I know Kriesi is almost coming with a new update but it’s not released yet.. I’m confused lol!





    Kriesi didn’t update Abundance yet but he’ll release one in the next few days. Kriesi released 14 theme updates in the last 2 weeks (among them Propulsion, Brightbox, Broadscope, Velvet, Shoutbox, Choices, Flagship, Coherence, Coalition, Corona, Sentence, Upscale, Angular, etc.) and probably the next themes will be Flashlight and Abundance.




    Oh ok.

    I guess it migth be complicated to set up but do you think a kind of e-mailing would be possible when there’s an update of the theme? Generaly speaking I mean, cause it didn’t come up in my dashborad that I should update the theme for 1.3.2 version.





    The new update is out. The latest version number is 1.4



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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