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    I’ve just updated to WP 3.4 and then the woo commerce plugin. Now my site won’t load in the browser. The plugin failed to send me back to plugins screen and was left with blank white page.

    Now tried to open the site up in new window and it fails to load completely.

    There is obviously something buggy going with the plugin or the WP install.

    What I need to do is to install the update to the theme. Can anyone tell me if overwriting the theme by replacing it with 1.6.2 will fix the issue?

    Thanks for any quick replies.


    Hi jazzclubjury,

    Sounds like something happened while updating plugin or the WordPress install. You would need to fix that first before installing the update otherwise you’re still going to have the same issue.




    Hello, had the same issue loading Flashlight into a WP/WooCommerce site yesterday.

    Suggest the following . . .

    1.Select Plugins

    2.Deactivate EVERYTHING.

    3.Upload the Flashlight theme – (Make sure you load the flashlight.zip file within the themeforest-x-x-x.zip i.e. unzip themeforest- x-x-x.zip and use the extracted flashlight.zip file for the upload).

    4.Activate the Flashlight theme

    5.Re-activate ALL the plugins.

    Worked for me.




    Thanks for posting Stefan! Hope this helps jazzclubjury.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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