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    Does anyone know how to get Display to work with the “wp-mail-smtp” plugin?

    Do I need to modify the send.php file?

    Thanks very much


    WP Mail Plugin should work with Display (no error reports up to now). As far as I know the plugin just changes WordPress Mail settings, and isn’t influenced by the theme settings.


    Thanks for the reply. It doesn’t seem to be working when I use the contact form.

    I’ve set up wp-mail-smtp and successfully sent a test message. But I receive nothing when using the contact form.

    Any ideas?




    The WP Mail SMTP plugin requires the mail function to be changed to wp_mail. Open up send.php and change it on (or around) line 71 and it should send mail fine. :)



    Thanks James.

    I did try this, but I’m getting an error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_mail() in /wp-content/themes/display/send.php on line 71

    Sorry to keep bugging you about this!!



    What version of WordPress are you using?

    wp_mail should work without any problems as it’s part of the WordPress core:




    its 3.0.1.

    Looking in the folder, I can see a wp-mail but not a wp_mail (with an underscore). Is that right?




    Sent you an email :)



    Hi James,

    What was the solution to this thread? I am using the Avisio theme, but this is the only thread I can find dealing with wp_mail.

    I am having the same problem with the Contact Us page. I am using WordPress 3.0.1 and wp mail SMPT. In the wp mail SMPT plugin I can send test emails and I am receiving email notifications of comments. So I think the plugin is working.

    I have changed the mail function to wp_mail in the send.php



    Hi Niall,

    To get round this problem, I installed the Contact From 7 plugin.

    Then I changed the contact page to use a default template (to remove the theme’s contact form), and pasted the new plugin code.

    It works perfectly and was a really easy solution.

    Hope that helps.


    That should have said Contact Form 7.

    You can also use a Captcha using this method.


    Thank you very much!!

    I tried Contact Form 7, which worked with wp_mail. When testing I was finding that our spam filter was catching incoming ‘contact us’ messages, whereas it wasn’t stopping general WordPress communications.

    For the time being I am trying out the ‘contact us’ button from This has the advantage that now I have their email whitelisted, so that new contacts come into our email box.

    Work in progress!!

    Thanks for helping us out,



    I agree with speakeasy – Contact Form 7 is a great and useful plugin.

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