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    I would like to have the language selector with just flags, and no text.
    But options in WPML don’t seem to work, and I’ve always got language’s text.
    How to get just flags in the menu ?
    Thanx !


    Hi romano2!

    You can use the header with social icons and top navigation. The language selector should be displayed beside the top menu showing only the flags.



    Hmm, thanx but there is a problem.
    The “Enfold>Footer>Header Type” don’t work well. The div with id “header_meta” don’t appear on all pages.
    It’s strange because I’ve got another license for Enfold on another website and yet it works perfect.
    But on this website, no… I’ve deleted the browser cache and retried, but strange behavior ; the meta header appears on random pages, and a padding in header occurs too.
    I’ve done something wrong ?

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 7 months ago by  romano2.

    I really have a bug with Enfold>Header Type>Fixed Header with social icons and nav.
    -On some pages, social icons don’t appear :
    -On some pages, they appear :
    -On some pages, the flags appear at end of main menu…

    Perhaps it’s linked with WPML, because after last Enfold’s update, I’ve seen some strange behavior in traducted pages.
    Any idea ?
    Thanx a lot !

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    Please use one header type only. It seems like the front page uses a different header type than the other pages and this configuration duplicates the language switcher.



    Ok thanx, but I sought “Header options” in back-office, and I’ve not found any.
    But I could mainly solve the problem with re-publish all pages (without change)… strange but it works.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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