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    I just trashed the wpml-config.xml file and it made that ‘Avia Framework’ panel reappear. But It didn’t help to solve the problem.

    I’m wondering now if there’s something not right in the Shoutbox WPML config files. Those are the files I didn’t have in my “working” site (before Nick set it up over Xmas), and ever since I’ve had them in, I’ve had this problem with the featured images and their slideshow settings, even though WPML is supposedly set up right.

    Maybe someone could check it?

    I’m running out of ideas.



    I’m going to try running WPML on a new, out of the box, copy of Shoutbox and see if these issues are there at the root. Because if they are not, then maybe my site has some problem somewhere (a code change, a plugin conflict etc). I’ll report back later as to what happened.


    Hi Rumblefish,

    I tried a few things on your dev site, including changing your wpml-config.xml and installing a slightly modified version of the plugin, but so far no luck. I am trying one other thing, will let you know shortly how the test goes




    Hey Nick,

    Did you guys ever fix this WPML-Shoutbox thing?

    Half my site is redundant now. The only time it worked was way back when I didn’t even have the WPML config files in Shoutbox (because it never came with them). If there’s no sign of fixing this, I think I’m going to go back to what was working for me, even if it’s not set up right.





    I can get you working, but you will need to start 100% from beginning and throw out all your data. Or somehow copy it over using a macro recorder. Because on completely new installs I have fairly good success but dealing with your data , nothing works, If you can go back and survive for a bit that would be great till some other solution to clean the data somehow becomes feasible.




    Hey Nick,

    I’m going to dump that backup site I had, because it’s a mess. I’ll put up a copy of the actual site as it was before you started looking at all this. Maybe the back up site is so messed up, it’s not helping anyway.

    I’ll also make a copy to try out a version with no WPML config files and see how that goes. If it works I’m going back to that and screw their updates. It’s not ideal (it causes big problems with the template builder when switching languages), but there’s no way I can start from scratch. I have over 850 posts with translations now.

    I’ll let you know when the new versions are up.

    Thanks mate,


Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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