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    Hey Guys,

    Someone closed the other thread, so I’ll put this here instead for the record.

    There seem to be a number of issues with Shoutbox and WPML. I know Nick (and probably some of the other support guys) have been trying to sort it out for some weeks, but it seems to be difficult to fix without major changes to either WPML and/or the Shoutbox framework. Since neither of those are probably going to happen in the future, as Shoutbox is an old theme now and WPML have better things to worry about, I’ll post what I did to get around it for anyone else who might need this later. It isn’t perfect, but it kind of works.

    Remove the WPML config folder and wpml-config.xml files from Shoutbox.

    Remove the WPML code from the top of the functions.php file that deactivates the legacy handling and loads the wpml-config.xml files.

    You can set up WPML* as usual but it won’t give you 100% distinct backends for each language. You can translate posts and pages and they are linked to the originals. They are just not collected together properly into separate back ends.

    The languages seem to be able to share templates ok. You don’t need to make a different template for each language, unless there are specific text strings inside widgets or text areas of the template builder which WPML cannot translate separately.

    * Oh, I should add that you need to install ALL the add on plugins for WPML as well. Especially the Media, String Translation and Translation Management plugins.

    However there are a couple of issues. The main one is the Template Builder. If you try and make changes with the WPML plugins active it will most likely crash and you will lose all your templates.

    So to avoid this, and any other potential disasters, always DEACTIVATE all the WPML plugins before making changes to the Template Builder files. After you’ve made the changes you can just switch them back on again and carry on.

    There might be some other bugs doing it this way, but as yet I haven’t discovered them.

    Unless you are in love with Shoutbox or are too far down the line to change themes, I’d probably suggest using a newer theme by Kriesi if translations are an important part of your site. Apparently the later ones all work fine with WPML, because the frameworks are newer.




    Just for reference – the other thread can be found here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Best regards,


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