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    i want to know why the FLAGSHIP theme is totally changing when i activate WPML?

    This is the correct version:

    And english looks totally different:

    Is there an option to copy the styles? or what is the best way to do?

    thanks for support!



    Hi Sebastian,

    I’m not sure why you’re having the problem you are. I’m going to flag for the rest of the support team to see if they have an answer. They know more about WPML than I do.




    This is the drawback of the new framework which saves all options for the current language only. As far as I know there’s no way to copy the settings. The advantage is that you can configure the logo, portfolios, front/blog page, etc. for each language without overwriting existing settings.



    I’m using Flagship and was planning to incorporate the WPML plugin to create Spanish and Portuguese versions of the website, originally in English.

    Since I’ve never used WPML before and there is some cost involved for the paid version: what Dude is saying is that the WPML is incompatible with themes based in the new framework including Flagship?

    If that’s the case, which would be the plugin of choice compatible with Flagship?

    Thanks in advance for your input.



    No exactly the opposite is the case. Flagship, Coherence and Propulsion use a new framework mode which allows you to save all options based on the current language. Eg you can set a different logo, favicon, front page, blog page, portfolio pages, etc. for your Spanish version and a different logo, favicon, front page, blog page, portfolio pages, etc. for your Portuguese version. This is the way to go because you do not face any limitations here. However the drawback is that you need to configure these settings for each language and you can’t reuse eg your “Spanish” settings for the the Portuguese version.


    Thanks guy for a great forum and support. Have already found many answers to my questions!

    I’m having the following problems with WPML plug-in in the “Sentence” theme and would appreciate any help:

    (1) Language drop-down: when hovering over the language name in the drop-down the text color changes to white and becomes basically invisible on the very light background color. See this web site: Is there a way I can change the styling so that the language options in the drop-down are visible on hover?

    (2) I’m unable to translate widgets: Tried using the language selection drop-down displayed at the top of the dashboard but it does not work. The Recent posts widget (“Latest news” in the left sidebar) does not even appear in the German homepage. Further, both the English and the German version of the post are being displayed in the English homepage sidebar. The same thing happens in the blog page (called “News”).

    (3) I’m not able to translate the contact form. When using the language drop-down at the top of the dashboard I’m able to do the German settings etc. but after saving them, the English contact form also appears in German….

    Is it me doing something wrong or is the Sentence theme missing the new framework mode you mention for Flagship, Coherence and Propulsion? If so, are you planning to also upgrade the Sentence theme at some point?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    Hi Norun,

    Could you repost your questions as its own topic in the Sentence forums? Its a bit too confusing to answer completely different questions for different themes within another topic.



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