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    Hey guys,

    everytime when we share a link to a post of our website (brightbox) on facebook, the wrong image appears in the facebook-post. I’m not able to select the picture, which we use in our blogpost.

    For example:

    When you post this link on facebook, the first picture from the related posts will be taken.

    Can you please help us to fix this problem?

    Thank you very much :-)

    Best regards, Tom



    can no one help me here?

    It would be very nice if you could solve this “bug” or help me to find a workaround.

    Best regards, Tom


    I need help with this also.



    tomkellersohn please update your theme to Brightbox 1.2.x (you’re using version 1.1). Since 1.2 Brightbox will set the first slideshow/featured media image as post thumbnail and if you use a facebook open graph plugin you can use this post thumbnail for facebook.


    Whenever I send a link of Facebook for this besides the wrong picture i get coding instead of the excerpt information.


    this is a sample of the code i get … i do not even get the picture preview all the time….

    <​!–//–><​![CDATA[//><​!– PDRTJS_settings_4954684_post_3915={“id”:4954684,”unique_id”:”wp-post-3915″,”title”:”Random%20Late%20For%20Work%20Images”,”permalink”:” (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -6/”,”item_id”:”_post_3915″}; //–><​!]]>


    Have you tried this plugin: – it will use the post image (attached image) as facebook open graph image.


    I ended up using a plug in called Meta SEO Pack and the excerpt section at the very bottom of the post edit page! To make sure that facebook is going to show the image and the except you want go to or even to refresh the way the paged is viewed after making changes.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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