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    Would love help with this recent Woo/Flashlight glitch…

    Suddenly all product images in WooCommerce when clicked on to enlarge any product – all products have a single image! – now show 2 in the lightbox, the second being a missing blank.

    When one clicks to see a product image enlarged, it shows the image, but as 1 of 2, and when one forwards to see what this is… it shows a blank screen with the message “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” Again, all images have a single image and on all in our cart, this same result is occurring. All show a second blank when in the lightbox.

    I don’t know how or why this is. How to troubleshoot and remove across the board?

    Sample product page:

    Thank you so for the help!


    Hi Michael!

    Thank you for using the theme!

    The lightbox is opening correctly without the error mentioned above, however, I’m not certain why it is displaying duplicated image. Please try to deactivate all plugins then check the lightbox again.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the response, Ismael.

    Yes, the lightbox is working on all browsers, checking on multiple machines, Mac and Windows. But the extra blank image is likewise appearing, on all products, all platforms.

    Tried deactivating plug-ins, all new (since cart was integrated) and unessential, and still same. Does not seem to be a plug-in issue.

    I can send screenshots, but it seems you are seeing the blank image added to all products in the lightbox. As you can see, again, all images have a single image attached, as displayed on their page, but in the lightbox a missing blank is added to each.

    Anyone have an idea what and why this is? How to resolve? Would love to have clear by full launch of cart on Wednesday 23rd.

    Thank you! Michael


    May be closer to resolving this… but a little riddled still…

    I see this is not occurring on smaller images, ie bio picture in this sample:

    However it is occurring in the cart images which have larger images. I am feeling as these may be at a size that exceeds the screen – we added to the cart from images we use in our Gallery slideshows – so the excess is creating the xtra missing image.

    We have way way toooo many images – over 400 in the galleries and cart – to manually reset these.

    Is there a code suggestion that we could add that would prevent the image size that would prevent the creating of an extra blank – ie so displays like the smaller images, singular?

    It does not seem that Thumbnail Regneration plug-in would help, as this is for the master large size images – which we indeed want customers to preview full size -= the whole import of the lightbox.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Would love to resolve by tmw!!



    Did you try to regenerate the thumbnails with: ? Basically wordpress will try to load the thumbnail but if the thumbnail doesn’t exist it will load the original image instead.
    You can use this plugin: to check which thumbnail sizes are active/registered.

    Best regards,


    Hello Dude…

    Thank you so much for your assistance. This plug-in was great, resolved several small image size issues – thumbnails squished in full screen slideshow, consistent image sizes for products in galleries. Super pleased.

    However, the blank xtra image frame is still in lightbox. ??? Any ideas on image size settings that might prevent it?

    Or another approach, solution?

    Thank you so for feedback. Believe this is last technical glitch on site and we’re golden!




    Thank you for the update! Glad it is somehow fixed. :)

    Do you mind providing us with a link to the page where this is happening? I tried this link but it’s not using the Flashlight theme. A screenshot will surely help. Thanks!



    Thank you for the help, Ismael!!

    Yes, that page was moved in our site structure, why the link is not showing. Indeed the Flashlight theme.

    Here’s link to page, and two screenshots:

    Look forward to the response!



    Both of those image links come up as denied but I’m not seeing an issue when seeing the regular page linked.

    Best regards,


    Hello all,

    This was still never resolved. I just left the extra blank image in – as not knowing how to remove primarily! – but as well let be, as was a behind the scenes glitch, without interfering user experience, ability to initially view the product image larger.

    There has been another development now though, that hopefully shines some light for someone on what is going on here with WooCommerce.

    Now there are 3 images showing for each product image! :

    1) The actual product image inserted for the product in Gallery Options (add image to slideshow). In each case, this is a single image.

    2) NOW there is also a YouTube video that follows. This is for a Dharma Eye video: It is embedded in a single post (, without any link to any products. No idea why it’s pulling this.

    3) The proverbial blank image.

    I have no idea why Woo is pulling these 2 additional (existent and non-existent) media into the Lightbox. I am really hoping that the new auto insertion of the video from an unrelated post gives some clue as to what is happening.

    Really appreciate any assistance in resolving this one at last. Thank you!



    Sample product page displaying this:

    Video displays on the second image in the series on clicking on enlarge:

    And the blank image that does not exist.
    Afraid I have minimal php knowledge on how or where the code is that the theme/woocommerce draws the specific data/content to display in the lightbox.

    Is there maybe another Lightbox alternative to use with the theme (ie plug-in) that might be used to bypass this issue?

    Thx again for help.

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