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    This is my problem:

    If I activate “strip category base” in Yoast SEO, “Dynamic Templagte” won’t work. I.e. a plain “Non dynamic template” version of the page is shown. Is this generally the case, or is it just me? Is there any way to pass around this problem, or am I doomed to either not use Dynamic Templates, or live with the pointless and ugly “/category” thing?

    Couldn’t seem to find anyone else asking about this, sorry if I am wrong.


    Hey Skald!

    No, the setting should not affect the “Dynamic Template” option in any way and I also can’t reproduce the issue on my test server. However I guess that a category and a page share the same slug and if you remove the /category/ part from the permalink it can happen that the category archive permalink equals the page permalink and then wordpress will link to the archive instead of the page which uses the dynamic template.

    Best regards,


    Wehuu! You should get the Nobel prize. Can’t believe I made this mistake *again*, I made another page for a client at work with s theme quite similar to this – and had a bunch of gray hairs before I got to know what was wrong. Guess I need a vacation. Thanks a million anyway, you are the best. <;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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