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    This menu problem in newscast theme is not new, with a some research I figured out how to fix it. It wasn’t easy to find out though. Because there is a post which explains everything but you cannot find this post when you do the search only when you look at some other posts, there is a link to this one which explains how to fix the problem. For those searching how to fix it here it is: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    In the two year old post above James Morrison who is a moderator says: “Hey, This seems to be a bug which can easily be fixed. Open up /framework/helper_functions/nav_menu.php and find this code: …”

    You have to find a file and modify the code inside to enable two different menus. This menu problem is I think quite old, because I have seen posts referring to this problem as old as two years ago.

    Recently a new version of newscast was released, so my question is this: Wouldn’t be easier for you to fix these issues in the new version of the theme so that people do not ask the same question over and over again, which will save you time? Why don’t you fix these common problems with updates? In the shoutbox theme, I have a problem with the slider not working on ipad properly. This problem was also supposed to be fixed with the new update and I noticed that it hasn’t been fixed and I cannot find out when or how I can solve this problem. Same thing. Could someone explain why you don’t fix common problems with new updates?



    We as support theme doesn’t really fix or update the theme to solve the issues. We tag Kriesi to a certain issue and he always do his best to update the themes to fix the said issues. That is not an easy job.

    Unfortunately he might have skipped this one. Thanks for bringing it up. We will tag Kriesi again so that he could take a look. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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