Why Avisio?

Flexibly Frontpage

1Avisio uses a flexible frontpage that uses an amazing slideshow and can display any amount of tabed content, delivered by wordpress pages of your choice.


Unlimited Skins

2The theme comes with several predefined skin options but also utilizes a color and background image switcher, a font-switch for headings and several other layout options.


Content Importing

3You can now setup a wordpress installation that looks like this demo with just a single click of your mouse. Amazing to get started and accustomed to the theme.



4To get your content displayed properly the theme uses wordpress shortcodes. just add a few keywords and Avisio injects cool stuff like columns, tabs and slideshows.


Avisio Styleswitcher - sample options
'Avisio' - Skin

Example Colors: real color picker and image uploader available at backend

Background Image Examples (upload your own in backend)

Heading Font

Fullwidth or Boxed

AviaSlider Setting Examples

The AviaSlider is highly flexible and customizable. Here are only a few sample options. More examples: Aviaslider Demo Page

Rectangle height

Rectangle width

Transition Type

Reset styles